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Validation Summary

The Sentinel-5p TROPOMI L2 CO data product (total CO column) is in good overall agreement with correlative ground-based measurements from NDACC and TCCON. Bias and dispersion estimates (see Table below) meet the mission requirements.

Product ID Stream Product Bias Dispersion Special features
 L2_CO NRTI CO column +2% 8% Along orbit stripes. Destriped CO data available in collection 3.
4% SZA dependence of bias and ±2% seasonal depedence in bias.
RPRO/OFFL CO column +2% 8%


The averaged correlation coefficient reaches 0.9 for the TCCON network and NDACC sites


 Mosaic CO TCCON

Plots show the weekly mean relative differences for the S5P RPRO/OFFL CO columns against NDACC (top) and TCCON (bottom) sites. Sites are sorted by decreasing latitude.

For more information please consult the latest issue of the Sentinel-5p Routine Operations Consolidated Validation Report (ROCVR).


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