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The graph below show up-to-date time series of the difference between TROPOMI and PGN/Pandora total NO2 column data. Vertical markers (black solid, white dashed, black dotted, black dashed and black dotted lines) indicate major events, respectively: the TROPOMI processor switch from version 1.2.2 to 1.3.0 in March 2019, the activation of the finer horizontal resolution of TROPOMI in August 2019, the processor switch to 1.4.0 in December 2020, the processor switch to 2.2.0 in July 2021 and the processor switch to 2.3.1 in November 2021. (© Update March 1, 2022, of Verhoelst et al., AMT 2021). Stations are ordered by median total column.

NO2 total mozaic