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Validation Summary

The Sentinel-5p TROPOMI L2_O3_TCL data (CCD) are in good overall agreement with correlative ground-based measurements (SHADOZ ozonesonde) and with EOS-Aura OMI and MetOp-B GOME-2 satellite data. Bias and dispersion estimates meet mission requirements (<25%).

Product IDStreamProductVersionOrbitsBiasDispersionSpecial features
L2_O3_TCL OFFL CCD 02.01.03 14132-15806 evaluation in progress
+15% / +3.1 DU 24% / 4.6 DU Signs of positive bias over areas with biomass burning. Geographical imprints of sampling-related biases. Seasonal change of the bias.


The graphs below display the up-to-date estimates of TROPOMI tropospheric O3 data quality obtained from comparisons to ozonesonde. Shown are the median value (left) and the dispersion (right, 68% interpercentile) of the absolute difference TROPOMI minus ozonesonde, at each SHADOZ site (marker) in the 20o S - 20o N tropical belt. The blue line and light blue shade indicate the mean value and the standard deviation of the sample of station estimates for the SHADOZ network.

A detailed description of the method and a comprehensive discussion of validation results can be found in the Quarterly Validation Report #9: April 2018 – December 2020.

TROPOMI vs SHADOZ ozonesonde