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Validation Data

Correlative measurements used as reference for satellite validation are collected by ozonesondes operated in the framework of the Southern Hemisphere ADditional OZonesondes network (SHADOZ). Currently eleven SHADOZ stations provide reference data over the 20o S - 20o N belt over which the TROPOMI CCD data products are available.

SHADOZ network overlaid on TROPOMI 5-year median tropospheric ozone

Location of the eleven ozonesonde stations (red markers) contributing correlative measurements to the validation of Sentinel-5p. The background map shows the 5-year median tropospheric O3 column field (DU) as measured by TROPOMI between May 2018 and April 2023.


Correlative data are obtained via the following channels :

  • the SHADOZ data archive (Version 6, R.M. Stauffer, A.M. Thompson and D.E. Kollonige),
  • the rapid delivery data from the NOAA (B.J. Johnson) and KNMI (A. Piters) data archives,
  • the NDACC Data Host Facility, mirrored at EVDC and in BIRA-IASB's CORR-2 database for validation purposes.


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